Overseas Recruitment

You can trust Greenland Overseas with your entire project of overseas Recruitment. We are one the best overseas Recruitment agencies in Pakistan, and you can either acquire our services on a need basis or permanently on a long-term basis. Greenland Overseas guarantees delivery of readily available and rightly skilled and trained manpower from Pakistan at the highest time-and-cost efficiency, hundred percent.
You can absolutely rely on Greenland Overseas as the most reliable Recruitment agencies in Pakistan. Let us help you find the right fit and save you a lot in the cost, time and inconvenience. We can supply you skilled and unskilled manpower from Pakistan.

Visa Processing

We are registered and Authorized with Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia (Enjazit Information Technology System) to process visa cases for electronic application directly, Our Charges are very reasonable.
Greenland Overseas has developed a good repo with consulates generals and embassies of all countries while processing a large number of employees’ visas through them with over the years.
We can meet your employees VISA documentation and processing requirement even at large scale in no matter of time. We have the best HR Services, best documentation personnel and have the most reliable recruiting partners in Pakistan and outside.
Greenland Overseas is leading overseas agency in Pakistan who enjoys good working relationship with consulate general and embassy of Saudi Arabia.

Head Hunting

Greenland Overseas is the most reliable recruiting agency in Pakistan. We have a large number of clients from Gulf States, Middle East (overall), East Asia, Europe, USA and Singapore.
Let us make the head hunting simpler, easier and the most efficient for you as far as cost time is concerned.
We are the most reliable Recruitment partners for many organizations from above countries. They trust us their need for supply of manpower from Pakistan. Instead of the hassle of head hunting in the markets like Pakistan, which you have no knowledge of, you can entrust us with the task of skilled and unskilled manpower from Pakistan.

Training & Orientation

Greenland Overseas as the leading recruiting agencies in Pakistan has provided the best training and orientation services. We work with employers to facilitate prospective employees understand their work ethics, polices and rights and visa-vis companies.
Being leading supplier of workforce from Pakistan we understand companies need for orientation of their employees before they land there. We help employees as well as companies understand work requirements of each other. For this purpose we have purposefully skilled and trained trainers. It has been benefiting both employees and employers.

HR Outsourcing

Greenland Overseas is one of the few best recruiting agencies in Pakistan that specialize in HR services. Just outsource your entire HR operations and let us help you with sourcing of skilled and unskilled manpower from Pakistan.
You can benefit from highly competitive packages, and when you get your entire services readily and efficiently delivered, cost of HR services stays even cheaper. Greenland Overseas already delivers high quality HR services to clients in the Middle East and other countries and they are all very happy satisfied customers. Greenland is the leading overseas HR services provider.

HR Consultancy

Greenland Overseas also delivers HR Consultancy services to overseas clients, and if you need Greenland Overseas to serve your organization’s HR needs in advisory or consultative role, just outsource HR consultancy.
Being the leading overseas recruitment agency in Pakistan, Greenland Overseas understands the dynamics of HR operations, and it can advise you on all matters in the best business interests of your organizations.
Let Greenland Overseas help you keep your organization’s HR operations cost minimum through strategic consultative sessions and advice. Overall you organization is able to complement the HR cost and benefit from higher operations efficiency.

Outsource Payroll

Greenland Overseas being leading supplier of manpower from Pakistan has learnt from its experience that Payroll is integral part of HR services, and to keep overall cost of your HR Services you let us help you with your payroll operations too.
When you outsource payroll operations to Greenland Overseas, you have all the time to yourself to focus on your core business operations and growth strategies. Don’t drive your HR’s focus on small matters such as payroll. Instead Let Greenland Overseas do payroll for your organizations.
Your business can benefit from Greenland Overseas highly efficient payroll services at minimal additional cost.